What type of ensembles and music do you offer?

Solo violin, duo (violin and violin/viola/cello), trio (violin, viola, cello), and quartet (two violins, viola and cello).

We play classical and pop arrangements.  

Can you play outdoors?

Yes, absolutely, in sunny weather.  Since our instruments are wooden, we require some type of shelter from the elements.  (Anything that provides shade from direct sun will be enough).  We cannot play in the rain, however, and if it starts to rain at all, we will have to move inside.  For outside playing, we have a 60 degree minimum.  

What do you wear?  

We have a dress code that is black suit and tie (male) and black trousers/skirt with a black top (female).  

Can we request specific songs?

Yes.  This will need to be requested a month in advance.  

What do you require?  

We will need adequate light, armless chairs, and if necessary, parking.  We play acoustic instruments and will be heard best seated close to the guests.  For larger events, a string trio or quartet is recommended.  

What time do you arrive and start playing? 

We arrive 30 minutes prior to playing time.  Playing time usually begins 15-30 minutes prior to the ceremony, when guests are arriving.  

What happens if the ceremony/event starts late?

We know unexpected things pop up and are flexible within 15 minutes.  If delays are more than that, we will potentially charge overtime, depending on total playing time.  

Do you play other events besides weddings?

Yes, absolutely.  Private parties, memorial services, etc.

Do you need to be provided with food?  


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